Re: Specific Paths for RFOnly.

Brian Webster N2KGC

One thing to remember about this experiment, APRS packets are a UI unconnected broadcast and you are not guaranteed delivery of the pack to the other end even if you do use the specific path method you are attempting. There is an exception for message in this regard, but generally it’s not  like using regular packet by specifying the hops and their call signs. Specifying the paths will make it much more likely for it to make it however, mostly due to the fact that all the other generic digi’s will not be rebroadcasting the packets and occupying airtime or causing collisions.


The No-Gate or RF only I would not worry about. If a packet gets heard and gated, that is done directly over the internet, so no harm. I-Gates are not repeating your packets back over the air. Not putting the commands in the path will keep the packet shorter and as such give better chances of it getting through without collisions.


Your reasons and plan are solid, just understand the limitation. Using specific call signs rather than generic digi path’s is the way to do this for sure. Just don’t expect it to be 100% reliable and it you start using it a lot like a chat channel others will likely notice and possibly say something. The APRS frequency is not well suited as a general packet network system. I see this a lot with the DMR hotspots and such, first someone is gating to RF call signs with non-compliant SSID’s (they use letters) and it seems like each hotspot is kicking out 2 separate objects over the air for the same location. I suspect they are doing both D-Star and DMR and as such their hotspot software sends to different objects to the IS stream. If it was kept on the internet stream that would be great, but someone somewhere in that local area is pushing it to RF and at a beacon rate that is too much for an object that doesn’t move. But that really has nothing to do with your question….


Brian N2KGC


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Thanks Lynn,
For the record I am using Xastir at this moment because the path is really easy to change for this testing . 
I can look at the direwolf output which should be completely raw. 

Dan W5DMH 

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