Re: No GPS on Yaesu FTM 400


This is what I had to do as well. The FTM 400 takes care of the beaconing
and sends received packets to the tablet. It'll even post incoming
messages to the APRSISCE tablet. However you must use the FTM 400's screen
editor to reply. I found that a "touch screen pen" with a rubber finger
works well with the FTM400 touch screen (the FT3 as well).

I then use a second GPS to place my self on the APRSISCE tablet. The FTM
400 seems only able to output GPS way-points OR DATA, but not both. A
little club-footed, but workable. Something else I discovered was that if
I had the FTM 400 plugged into the tablet at boot-up, the tablet would
lock up and brick at startup. A friend explained that the tablet sees the
FTM 400 as an "active device" and doesn't like that at boot-up. The
procedure is now (in order) start the tablet/ Start the stand-alone GPS/
Start the FTM 400 THEN plug in the hub with the FTM 400's cable and the
track ball into the tablet's USB port.
73, KC8SFQ/ Ron

I had to use an external USB-enabled GPS to get my mobile APRS-IS setup to
work. The FTM-400 only output APRS packets from the radio -- no GPS info,
as far as I know.



On Wed, Jan 5, 2022 at 9:12 AM Bob Heuer via <rmh2992=> wrote:

I am new to the forum.
I have a Yaesu ftm-400 connected to my laptop running windows 10 and
the SCU-20 USB interface. APRSIS32 does not recognize the GPS signal
my Ftm-400. Can somebody steer me in the right direction.
I have acquired 10 satellites on the 400.
Thanks in advance

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