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Thanks, Rob. I read that section again, just now, and remember it from my
last deep dive into APRSISCE/32. That just seems too easy. I was looking
for I-gate too, but I think that is done in CONFIG/ IS to RF/ and RF to
IS. I probably missed a couple steps without firing up the program and
looking at the menu's. Currently, we have an ARGENT OT2 (or3) doing the
digiing, and APRSISCE/32 doing the gating. I want to put a dumb KISS MODE
TNC there, maybe even software. Then bring all the functions into the
computer that runs 24/7 anyway. That will free up another tracker for a
portable digi. We're already gearing up for our biggest race of the year,
The Barry Roubaix. Roughly 3000 riders. WHEW.

BTW, we often see your beacons at the EOC, labeled BRYEOC.

73 and Happy New Year, Ron/ KC8SFQ

Here is the direct link to the digipeating section

BTW, the upper right corner has a search function that works pretty well.

Robert Giuliano

On Saturday, January 1, 2022, 07:01:15 PM EST, kc8sfq <kc8sfq@...>

OK, Not really. I have until the end of March.

I have been successfully running APRSISCE/32 for a while now. In my car
and until my knees gave out, on foot. My question has to do with running a
digi and I gate in APRSISCE/32. I know I have to edit the XML file
Something to do with digixform. I went looking for the discussion here on
the forum and also in the wiki (Once I found it) BTW, the tag on the
bottom of the menu here goes to a blank hole. I did not find what I
needed. Would someone please point me to the discussion on the topic.

Thanks and 73, KC8SFQ/ Ron

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