Re: KWD TM-D710G connection to accept Davis VP2 output?

Greg D

Ok, that's kind of what I was thinking. I also understood that Firenet
is Read-only from the APRS Client perspective, yes?

And CWOP is essentially Write-only? Interesting.


Greg KO6TH

Lynn Deffenbaugh wrote:

There are three (that I know of) APRS-protocol-using Internet-based
networks. The APRS-IS, Firenet, and CWOP. The APRS-IS and Firenet
are for licensed Amateur Radio operators only (I think) and are
cross-connected so that all of the APRS-IS packets do show up on
Firenet, and some, but not all, Firenet packets show up on the
APRS-IS. CWOP, as far as I know, is a completely independent,
non-license-requiring, weather-data-distributing network which does
not support filtering on their servers. CWOP ( is
designed primarily to deliver weather data from average "citizens" to
the National Weather Service and is not designed to be monitored
directly by those citizens.

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32

On 11/24/2021 4:54 PM, Greg D wrote:
How is "CWOP" compared to / separate from "Firenet"?

I get my random Wx data from there., port 14580.

Greg KO6TH

KD7YZ Bob wrote:
Roger Lynn's description of the excessive data.

So, take these three stations I see on my Screen.

They have a Wx icon; they have wind-speed, direction and Temperature.
In the beginning, all I said I want to do is put that data up.
I learned it was not possible with the D710GA.
It is not possible, according to Davis Tech Support, to have BOTH
the Wx-logger IP as well as an output to the kenwood ... or anything
else for that matter.

I learned it's useless to try to use the data that I ship to
CWOP/APRS due the the shear volume of data resident at any moment.

Davis said I "could" purchase another Wx station and have it put out
to the D710 but only if I designed an adapter to go from the us232
to a 2.5mm three-point plug to the radio.

So what method is left?

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