Re: KWD TM-D710G connection to accept Davis VP2 output?

Greg Depew

How is your wx data getting to CWOP? I don't have the weather link ip but there should be a way to configure it. 

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Date: 11/24/21 15:21 (GMT-05:00)
Subject: Re: [APRSISCE] KWD TM-D710G connection to accept Davis VP2 output?

Roger Lynn's description of the excessive data.

So, take these three stations I see on my Screen.

They have a Wx  icon; they have wind-speed, direction and Temperature.
In the beginning, all I said I want to do is put that data up.
I learned it was not possible with the D710GA.
It is not possible, according to Davis Tech Support, to have BOTH the Wx-logger IP as well as an output to the kenwood ... or anything else for that matter.

I learned it's useless to try to use the data that I ship to CWOP/APRS due the the shear volume of data resident at any moment.

Davis said I "could" purchase another Wx station and have it put out to the D710 but only if I designed an adapter to go from the us232 to a 2.5mm three-point plug to the radio.

So what method is left?

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