Re: KWD TM-D710G connection to accept Davis VP2 output?

Don Woodward

I have a Davis Vantage Vue with a Meteobridge - if you feed to CWOP (Citizens Weather Observer Program) it will send your position into APRS via the Internet connection on the Meteobridge.  I also have an Ambient Weaterstaion at another location with a Metobridge that also sends to CWOP.

There is a serial port for the Vue, but I have the Ethernet adapter on which it talks to the MeteoBridge.


Don W.

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Subject: [APRSISCE] KWD TM-D710G connection to accept Davis VP2 output?
I note several stations on my APRSIS32 display who also have a blue Wx symbol.
And, btw, I'll ask this on a D710 BBS also.
How to I  get the info from the Console to the Davis-APRS-Wx jack a 2mm 3-pinj plug ???

My Davis already has an IP Data-Logger ...ethernet to the DSL Modem.
So I can't stop using that.

I just got off the fone with Davis tech support. It seems I have to buy about 400 bucks worth of a Vue console plus data logger ... then that cable is RS-232 only, coming out of the Vantage Vue console (their low end station).

So it still wont go into the Davis.

Davis "one upon a time" had WeatherLink for APRS and subsequent cables. According to the nice tech support at Davis, they haven't had that for a while.

tnx for reading.

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