Re: APRSIS32 with VARA on HF?

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El 13 nov 2021, a las 13:07, Demetre - M0SUY/SV1UY <> escribi├│:

´╗┐Hi all,

Anyone using APRSIS32 with VARA Soundmodem on HF? Is it possible? Has anyone attempted such a thing? I tried it using a KISS port connected to VARA via TCP port 8300 but there is no way to PTT, except if I use VOX but none of my HF Radios support VOX. Maybe it could happen by using a Signalink USB Soundcard Interface because the interface has VOX in the box. Also there is no way to change VARA bandwidth from the default 2300Hz down to 500Hz as it needs to be done in the client program as well as the PTT function. And then there is always the problem with DCD which has to be implemented on the client program, i.e. APRSIS32 as well as CAT Control and PTT. Really CAT is no necessary but it would be nice! PTT is a must though!

Any ideas please?
73 de Demetre M0SUY/SV1UY
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