Multiple streams on KISS over TCP

Rob Giuliano

I am running Nexus DR-X on a Raspberry Pi and Fe-Pi audio card with 2 audio channels.
This feeds into Direwolf the 2 audio channels decoded and sent using KISS over TCP/IP to APRSIS32.

I only connected a radio to the second audio channel, knowing that APRSIS32 will only TX on the first TCP/IP channel.
I was surprised to find that the radio PTT was triggered, but nothing was actually sent (no audio).

Since I had an issue before, where my configuration cause the PTT to activate, I am unsure if this is related to THAT issue, or if APRSIS32 will cause the PTT to go active, even if the request is on the non-TX capable TCP/IP channel.

Has anyone else tried a multi-channel KISS configuration?
   If so, have you seen the the PTT activate on the second channel?

Robert Giuliano

FYI: Nexus is a version of RaspberryPi OS for HAM radio and specifically the Nexus DR-X multi-radio interface board for the Raspberry Pi and Fe-Pi sound card.  I believe they took over the Fe-Pi board designs and manufacturing.

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