Re: D710G

Rob Giuliano

Okay - I see the issue seems to be a port issue.
Sorry for the confusion.

Robert Giuliano

On Tuesday, October 12, 2021, 01:05:47 PM EDT, Rob Giuliano via <kb8rco@...> wrote:

It sounds like the application is unable to write to the APRSIS32.xml file.
Most likely you either:
a) Didn't extract the APRSIS32.exe file from the Zip file
b) Extracted it into a restricted folder. 
    Windows 7 and above restrict access to Program Files and Program Files (x86).
    Also, newer versions of Windows 10 restrict every folder outside the users home folder.

Create a folder off the root filesystem (C:\).  I like to use C:\MyApps or C:\WinApps.
   Right-click the folder you created and choose Properties.
   Click the Security tab
   Click the Edit button, and give each entry Full control.
      Administrator should alreasy have it, but Authenticated User and Users probably will not.
Now create a desired folder structure for your apps
   EXAMPLE:  C:\MyApps\Radio\APRSIS32
       This gives a group for all your radio apps, which APRSIS32 is one of.
       I typically have C:\MyApps\Electronics with Ardiono IDE and some other apps, etc.

Extract the zip file or APRSIS32.exe out of it, into  the new APRSIS32 folder.
Create a desktop shortcut with the path set to this new structure and run it that way.

Robert Giuliano

On Tuesday, October 12, 2021, 12:30:58 PM EDT, JR Riner <ke4pmp@...> wrote:

Well I see one issue.  The info I put in when creating a new port is no longer there. It is greyed out.  That is twice now I have had to re-create the port.
73, ke4pmp

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