Re: D710G

Adam Mahnke

Does the RT Systems cable have port retention? It should be a USB-Serial adaptor. I have the kenwood cable, and then I use a USB-Serial adapter cable from startech. It's another connection, but it works fine for me.

silly question. Is your RT Systems cable plugged into the radio body, or the radio head? For programming memories and what not I plug into the radio body, for interfacing with APRSISCE you have to plug into the remote head unit. I'd have to pull the manual again to be sure about the memories, but I know for sure (used it this past Sunday) that the cable goes from the radio head to the PC/Laptop/whatever.

On Tue, Oct 12, 2021 at 12:46 PM JR Riner <ke4pmp@...> wrote:
Okay, I see you said serial adapter.  I am using the RT systems usb cable.  I was told this should work.  If not then that would be the problem.  What do I need? I have a serial adapter but need some other type cable to go to radio I assume?

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