Re: D710G

Adam Mahnke

Can you paste your RF port settings out of the xml file for review?

Sounds like your radio isn't talking to the software, could be a few different things. 


On Tue, Oct 12, 2021 at 12:08 PM JR Riner <ke4pmp@...> wrote:
I have read & followed the wiki & menu 604 is on, but I don't seem to be receiving any traffic to the map with the internet disconnected which is how I want it to work.  I just want to see the stations I hear via RF. The radio has gps lock and is beaconing and it shows my proper location on however aprsisce shows my location at home home qth where it last pinged I'm guessing.  I did not set a fixed location in the 710 it just using iGPS.  Any tips would sure be appreciated.
73, KE4PMP-9

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