Re: Map Zooming by Touch

Lynn Deffenbaugh

Eric Sderman wrote:
On Fri, Feb 12, 2010 at 5:32 PM, Lynn W. Deffenbaugh <> wrote:

Just click the + or - on the slider to the left of the map. You can
also double-click inside that bar to go directly to that zoom level.
That was my guess, but it doesnt work. The only thing I sometimes
get is some status message of how many tiles been downloaded.
Check your touch screen calibration. It sounds like clicks near the edge of the screen aren't giving the proper coordinates to the program. Double-clicking an empty space on the map is what gives you the tile information popup.

BTW, talking about tiles. Do they get redownloaded after a while, or
do should I delete them manually? Do you know if I can share the
The tiles get automatically purged some time after they were downloaded (Windows Mobile) or last referenced (Win32). That time is configurable in the XML file as <OSM.RetainDays> and is obviously expressed in days. Don't worry about <OSM.RevisionHours>, it's not implemented yet.

tiles with ? It has also
a that might be
used as an alternative for the prefetch in APRSISCE . If you dont
know I probably will try some time soon.
My tile cache is simply the standard path that was used to fetch the file and I also retain the original file name. If their cache is the same, then they should work. If they do any reorganization of the tile hierarchy, your maps will either a) still load from the web, or b) be completely swapped around the planet! The former would be the case if their files aren't where I'm looking for files. The latter would be the case if their hierarchy looks like mine, but they swap the x/y/z or something.

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