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Adam Mahnke <kc2ant@...>

Thanks Lynn,

so, if I want to filter out all of the -s///D symbols I have no way to send the D-Star Repeater with that symbol, I would need to recreate it as a repeater object and send it separately. 

Thank you, I thought I had it right, but it's been so long I wanted to double check with the more knowledgeable. 


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Yes, anything that says "hit" will go out.

And yes, the -s///D will trump (not allow) anything that was previously selected.

"-b/*-B" will not work because the * only works at the end of a station ID.  It is not a wildcard like used in a file system.

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On 8/27/2021 1:16 PM, Adam Mahnke wrote:
I know that this is an old topic but I am looking for verification that my filter is set up correctly for IS to RF
Can someone also confirm in the Filter Test (ctrl+G) that when it says "hit" that it would be transmitted via RF?

Have a bunch of D-Star gateways in our area that don't need to go out onto RF because they are all short range. I do have one D-Star repeater that I want to go out however, and potentially a couple of high power hotspots, but not all of the little ones (like my house)

Proposed Filter:
a/42.6295/-076.7045/42.2555/-076.23833 b/AF2A* -b/KD2EAT -s///D

Goal: IS to RF Packets that
fall within the lat/long (proven, has been working great for a long time)
Adding a buddy filter to pass anything starting with AF2A (Including the D-Star Symbol because this is a repeater)
Don't transmit "KD2EAT" specifically
Don't transmit any symbol with a D overlay.

I feel like the b/AF2A* and the -s///D are going to interfere with each other.

Example calls that I want to NOT TX

But I DO want to TX 

I'd considered doing it by "-b/*-B/ B/-C/ C" but I'm not sure which is the better option.

Thank you for taking a look at this,


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