Re: Showing station symbols for each beacon

Greg D

I would think creating an object at that point would be best.  But there's no way to refresh it down the road (pun half intended), so you'd have to hope it got to the APRS-IS, and go spelunking from there.  Of course, if you're out surveying damage, a lot of the local infrastructure might be down as well, so relying on an Internet-based tool wouldn't be good.

Our club was toying with the idea of using APRS for a similar situation.  With the PSPS events up here in the Foothills, we wanted to track what stores / services were open, what was available, who had power and who not.  In the end, we relied on an on-line spreadsheet, staffed by folks who were outside of the affected area.  Info was simply relayed by voice check-ins, in the traditional Net process.  I found it very handy when I ran out of ice to keep the Fridge cold.

I think it would be possible to build an RF-only solution based on APRS messaging, and a very simple defined message format.  That way even an HT by itself (TH-D7*, et al) could participate.  An APRS server such as what Lynn did for the Satellite Pass Prediction service could be written to intercept the messages, decode the information, and populate a local database with the info.  Messages could also be written to query the database for stuff.  This could work RF-only, or with the IS as part of the mix (so clients using cell phones could participate if they had coverage).  It would need to be very simple, however, so I'm not sure if it would be any more effective than a voice Net.

Greg  KO6TH

KH6CP Craig Paul wrote:


Scenario: People with HTs or mobiles are sent out to survey damage.
At one spot there may be a tree across a road, at another a road wash out,
and at a third there might be a power-line down.

For each person participating in the damage survey it would be ideal if they
could set a specific symbol to indicate the type of damage being seen, then beaconing,
and moving on to continue the damage survey.

Is there a way to configure APRSIS32 to display each  beacon/Mic-E's
beacon location symbol instead of the most-recent?

Thank you!

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