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Burt N Sammis

OK Robert, I blew it.
I am unable to receive GPS info on APRSISCE.
I click on CONFIGURE then Ports, then NMEA which gives me the following.
"RegOpenKeyEX." In the same box is: "Failed to OpenSERIALCOMM Key"
What happened?

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Thank you Robert!!!.
Menu 500 was the key. GPS output has to be ON. That did it
I have been trying to get the GPS function to work for months.
Again, thanks.

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I don't have either, but a friend has the "nonG" model.

Glacing through the manual for the G model, I see there are different indicators, depending on which GPS is in use:
    iGPS     => internal
    GPS     => external connected tothe 2.5 mm jack.
Menu 500 still offers GPS OUTPUT (GPS data output to PC)    Default OFF
Menu 501 SENTENCES with the most common 4 as default
Then moving up to Menu 6xx
   602 has key setting
   603 more settings
   604 Another ON/OFF toggle, but for APRS.
          I wonder if you have need to turn this OFF to allow raw GPS to the PC.
          Some systems allow APRS as WAYPOINTS only and won't send raw GPS strings when requesting APRS output.
          I can't say fro this Kenwood.

I didn't see anything that indicated you couldn't output the internal GPS data

Robert Giuliano

On Friday, July 23, 2021, 7:18:49 PM EDT, Jeff <groups.0acf@...> wrote:


Burt indicates that he is using a "G" model 710 with the *internal* GPS.

The reason I point this out is that I have a 710 and was considering upgrading to the 710G at one point, but I thought I read somewhere that with the "G" model you cannot have the internal GPS data pass through to the serial port, and that pass through only works for an externally connected GPS unit on the "G" model.

Can anyone confirm whether this is true or not?


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