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Fred Hillhouse



Interesting thought. If I understand this correctly, a KB1ABC will work at 6 characters but N7FMHL will not at 6 characters. PIGEON, with 6 characters work and it isn’t even a call sign. The question I have is, would PIGEON work if it was PIGEON-1? If so, then N7FMHL-1 should work.


I do know that APRS.FI will handle nearly everything thrown at it. Before compressing my data into Base91, I could send raw data and it didn’t care. However, APRSIS32 did not recognize it so I wanted to formalize the data.


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Wait, scratch that... it will pass because the total number of letters/number in the Callsign is under 6... 


however, something like WB5ABCD will NOT... 





On Mon, Aug 16, 2021 at 2:33 PM Randy Love via <> wrote:

Yeah, a 4 long suffix fails AX.25 protocol for a callsign.

It should be fine as an object/item name tho.






On Mon, Aug 16, 2021 at 2:23 PM Fred Hillhouse <fmhillhouse@...> wrote:

Hi James,


I had not thought of that but I am almost positive it worked sometime in the past. I tinker with direwolf.conf and the Python script every now and then, so, it is very possible something was broken. However, in theory, the only thing I changed recently was the offset. I found I was generating a negative value occasionally.


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You have a 4 letter suffix on those two stations. 


The program might be barking at that. 


Have you tried it with a three letter suffix?


On Mon, Aug 16, 2021 at 12:07 PM Fred Hillhouse <fmhillhouse@...> wrote:

Greetings Lynn,


I have a bit of a telemetry mystery. The station is N7FMH-2 and telemetry packets are for N7FMHL-1 and N7FMHL-2. There is no record of telemetry in my APRSIS32.xml. However, It does show up on APRS.FI (copies below). That is the mystery.


N7FMH-2 is a battery box with a Raspberry Pi Zero running Direwolf Version 1.7A. It is only over RF.


Direwolf 1.7A has a feature which allows N7FMH-2  to send multiple telemetry packet by changing the “source”. It is sending from two sources, N7FMHL-1 and N7FMHL-2. There are 10 fields in use.


Thank you!


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Fred N7FMH


Excerpt from:

2021-08-16 03:50:14 EDT: N7FMH-2>APDW17,UNCAN*,WIDE2*,qAR,W1MV-1::N7FMHL-1 :PARM.Charge,V1Volts,V2Volts,Temperature,Power
2021-08-16 05:50:17 EDT: N7FMH-2>APDW17,UNCAN,WIDE2*,qAR,W1IRK-1::N7FMHL-1 :UNIT.%,V,V,F,W
2021-08-16 06:50:28 EDT: N7FMH-2>APDW17,UNCAN,WIDE2*,qAR,W1TG-1::N7FMHL-1 :EQNS.0,.1,0,0,.01,0,0,.01,0,0,.18,32,0,.35,-2100


2021-08-15 12:04:13 EDT: N7FMH-2>APDW17,UNCAN,WIDE2*,qAR,N3LEE-4::N7FMHL-2 :PARM.Current,PeakCurrent,ChargeMeter,PowerMeter,TimeSinceStart

2021-08-15 12:04:33 EDT: N7FMH-2>APDW17,UNCAN,WIDE2*,qAR,W1TG-1::N7FMHL-2 :EQNS.0,.025,-150,0,.01,0,0,-1,0,0,0,-4000,0,.1,0

2021-08-16 04:50:46 EDT: N7FMH-2>APDW17,UNCAN,WIDE2*,qAR,W1TG-1::N7FMHL-2 :UNIT.A,A,C,W,D



2021-08-16 07:37:00 EDT: N7FMHL-1>APDW17,UNCAN,WIDE2*,qAR,N3LEE-4:!4259.90N/07130.39WGN7FMH LiFe-Po4|!x.n/Z!|



2021-08-16 09:52:04 EDT: N7FMHL-2>APDW17,UNCAN,WIDE2*,qAR,W1TG-1:!4259.90N/07130.39WGN7FMH LiFe-Po4|"0bf-&!4JY%^|


Telemetry pages:


Charge: 126 % (TLM: 1260 EQN: 0,0.1,0)

V1Volts: 13.310 V (TLM: 1331 EQN: 0,0.01,0)

V2Volts: 0.020 V (TLM: 2 EQN: 0,0.01,0)

Temperature: 67.100 F (TLM: 195 EQN: 0,0.18,32)+

Power: -5.250 W (TLM: 5985 EQN: 0,0.35,-2100)


Current: -0.400 A (TLM: 5984 EQN: 0,0.025,-150)

PeakCurrent: 10.970 A (TLM: 1097 EQN: 0,0.01,0)

ChargeMeter: -19 C (TLM: 19 EQN: 0,-1,0)

PowerMeter: -4000 W (TLM: 3787 EQN: 0,0,-4000)

TimeSinceStart: 42.500 D (TLM: 425 EQN: 0,0.1,0)


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