Re: Transmitted Status (Special)

Rob Giuliano

The APRS specification allows for Mic-E format that includes a status embedded in the message.
It also defines how APRS clients should respond to the different 'priority levels' of the status and APRSIS32 complies with that by popping up messages when Special or other status messages are received that require it.

You can limit or turn OFF this feature using the Menu >Configure > Mic-E Notifications
  and change the settings as desired.

Although there are too many who feel they are "Special", not many users send "Emergency" messages when it is not warranted.  It is recommended that you allow the "Emergency" message come though.  It has a separate line in the menu.

Robert Giuliano

On Tuesday, August 10, 2021, 9:53:46 AM EDT, Keith Ballow <keith@...> wrote:

I get dozens of these per week. What are they and is there a way I can filter them out?

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