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Greg D

Hi Mark,

To be honest, the brain cells (such as they were) that were involved in installing software on Windows Mobile have long since been archived  That said, I don't remember needing to use the tethering to my desktop in order to do it.  I had long ago moved from Windows to Linux, so use of ActiveSync on a regular basis would have been problematic.  My recollection was that I had managed to "bootstrap" the device (an HP iPAQ 6945, Windows Mobile 5) with a lash-up of some sort (IR to an HPLX Palmtop comes to mind), enough to get an FTP client loaded.  From there, I used that link to move files around, and presumably installed stuff locally from the Mini (not micro) SD card.

Ha!  By some miracle, the device actually still boots...  I see a "download" directory that looks like it has apps that I had installed.  Since it's not the default "Downloads" (plural, capital D), it was one I created.

If it helps, the APRSISCE version I have installed says it's "2013/10/29 15:15", which I think was one of the last versions that ran on the device.  If I've got the right one, the download file date appears to be from 12/19/2015, though that's a bit suspicious (2 years newer than the compile date).  {shrug}

These are interesting devices.  Issues include relatively poor battery life (especially if running the GPS) and the lack of a modern web browser, along with the lack of support for WPA2 WiFi so it can't connect to our home network.  And of course, the old "Edge" cell network is no longer in operation if even I put my SIM in an adapter so that it would fit.  But I just got it tethered to my Kenwood TH-D74 via Bluetooth, and it's receiving APRS just fine!

Good luck!

Greg  KO6TH

Mark Lees wrote:


I understand your comment, but as there are LOADS of redundant cell/mobile phones and other devices running WIndows Mobile (not CE), its an ideal opportunity to reappropriate them - why would I want to tie up a computer for this (I assume thats why Lynn wrote a version for Windows Mobile) when I can use hardware that has much lower overhead in terms of power, etc.

Anyway, I only wanted to see if anyone knew how I could install onto my WM device without going through the hoops I am currently. Ultimately, the app works even though it has to run from the documents folder.

If anyone can suggest a way to get it to install 'properly', great! If not, I will keep running it 'as is' - my iGate seems to function in this state, so maybe it doesn't matter...


On Tue, Jul 27, 2021 at 2:12 PM Rob Giuliano via <> wrote:
Since Windows CE is very outdated and unsupported by MS, I am not sure if any of the newer versions of APRSIS32 have been compiled in that version.
The download page shows it as from 2012.

I am not sure there are very many people 'in the know' about running on the old Windows Mobile platforms.

Robert Giuliano

On Tuesday, July 27, 2021, 8:23:47 AM EDT, mpleam@... <mpleam@...> wrote:


Apologies if this duplicates previous posts but I couldn't find what I was looking for.

I am trying to install onto a Motorola MC35 running Windows Mobile 6. No matter what I tried, I could not install via ActiveSync (installed on a Win XP box), so in the end I copied the APRSISCE6P.exe file onto the storage card and tried to install from there. Although the app seems to have installed, it has ended up in the My Documents folder of the mobile device, and there is no entry in Programs - is this normal behaviour or am I being a total idiot and missing something really obvious? Any assistance in installing the app correctly will be most gratefully received!



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