Re: My Bluetooth Mobilink TNC 2 issue

Weston Bustraan W8WJB

Speaking as someone who has written a Mobilinkd config app for macOS and built a NucleoTNC, I don’t think this is correct. With the Mobilinkd, there is no relationship to the audio card on the device where you are running the config app, regardless of whether it is a PC, Mac, Android or iOS device. The TNC2/3 uses its onboard circuitry to capture audio; no audio data is sent to the computer for processing. It should work perfectly well to configure the TNC2 with Android and use it on a Windows machine. You do, however, need remember to save the settings to the NVRAM on the TNC, so that, if it is power cycles at any point when changing from one device to another, it retains the settings you just configured.

- Wes, W8WJB 

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