Re: My Bluetooth Mobilink TNC 2 issue

Don Poaps

I have a TNC3.

Mobilinkd TNC configuration utility for Microsoft Windows. Use these
programs to set output volume, monitor input volume and set all KISS
parameters on computers running Microsoft Windows. The computer must
have a Bluetooth interface in order to use this program.

This is only for the TNC2 -- it will not work with the TNC3.

I'll be working on this later.


Don Poaps
New Westminster, BC


ALLSTAR 530780
HH# 5971
HH# 11384
Alberta Mesh# 5404

On Mon, Jun 14, 2021 at 5:27 PM <> wrote:

Well, your screenshot shows a Windows install of APRSIS32. If you're using the Mobilinkd TNC with a PC, you need to configure the audio with the Windows version of the config app, and save that config. Your Android config will only be using the audio settings for the particular Android device that you're using.
I've 'fixed' two local operators' TNC2 simply by setting the audio levels. in both cases, the Moblinkd was declared "broken".
If the Mobilinkd doesn't "work" with that Android device, you should day so. Then it's likely an app setting. Good luck.

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