Re: My Bluetooth Mobilink TNC 2 issue

Don Poaps

Hi Todd.

I did use the Mobilink Audio Config program on my Android phone. I've
put the Bluetooth on the back burner for now.

Thank You


Don Poaps
New Westminster, BC


ALLSTAR 530780
HH# 5971
HH# 11384
Alberta Mesh# 5404

On Mon, Jun 14, 2021 at 1:53 PM <> wrote:

If you configure the Mobilinkd TNC for one radio, and then use it on another, the audio settings will be different. The TX audio might be too low or too high, or there's too much difference between the levels of the two tones. It sounds like you set up the audio on the Alinco, and then plugged the TNC into a Woxoun. This might explain why the Alinco "works" and the other radio doesn't. If you set up the TX audio on the Woxoun, you would know it transmits because you need to listen to the transmitted audio level on a different radio.

Further, if you did a "reset" of the Mobilinkd TNC (as you said), then you wiped out the audio settings for the Alinco and you're using the defaults.

The problem is probably not that the Mobilinkd isn't "transmitting"; the transmitted signal probably can't be read because of bad audio levels.

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