Re: Kpc3+ settings for APRSISCE

Robert D. York

Yes Sir, I set the "MON"to Off before exiting the Terminal Mode to KISS Mode as suggested by WB4APR.
We'll see what happens.

On Mon, Jun 14, 2021, 12:30 PM Gil <gil.chapin@...> wrote:
Please check your KPC3+ (or KPC3) once you've got it in operation.  I have seen those TNCs delay packets for a significant amount of time before digipeating them.  They are sometimes delayed so long that the system thinks they're new packets - and repositions my mobile station accordingly.  I've seen my mobile beacons regurgitated by KPC3 digipeaters many minutes (and miles) after they were sent.  On a recurring basis, it makes the track appear to be bouncing back and forth from where it most recently was (as digipeated by other digipeaters) to where it formerly was (at a former beacon location delayed by the KPC3) - many miles away (I think astronomers call it "retrograde motion" when they refer to the apparent observed motion of some planets).  I have a problem with a KPC3 digipeater doing that right now (I need to try to contact the owner again...).  I can see my beacons showing up from it 5 or more minutes after they were sent from my station at another location.  It won't be obvious for a fixed station, but it sure shows up for mobiles.

Please just check that your setup is not doing that.  Monitor it for a while once you've got it going.  This is apparently a known problem for some KPC3s.  Lynn can probably provide information regarding what to do about it.

Gil Chapin, WB2UTI

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