Re: My Bluetooth Mobilink TNC 2 issue

Lynn Deffenbaugh

You didn't mention exactly what you expect to be picking up your transmissions, nor how you know they are not being picked up.

We would also need to know what radio you have connected to the Mobilink and whether you believe that radio and antenna combination will actually reach whatever you expect to be receiving your packets.

But a more basic question is: When you tell APRSISCE/32 to transmit, does the Mobilink TNC actually key up the radio?  Have you listened to the packet bursts on another radio to confirm that some audible signal is actually going out over the air?

And what is the callsign-SSID configured in your APRSIS32 instance?

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32

On 6/8/2021 2:00 PM, Don Poaps wrote:
I have a Mobilink TNC which has been working for a while. Lately, the
TX part is not being picked. I can see tracers showing what appears to
be RF reaching out to a digipeater.
I see the scroller with * by the stations sending off there data. I
see the Mic e and SMSGTE messages etc. For some reason my data is not
picked up.


Don Poaps
New Westminster, BC


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