Re: Map Zooming by Touch

Eric Söderman

On Fri, Feb 12, 2010 at 5:32 PM, Lynn W. Deffenbaugh <> wrote:

Just click the + or - on the slider to the left of the map. You can
also double-click inside that bar to go directly to that zoom level.
That was my guess, but it doesn´t work. The only thing I sometimes
get is some status message of how many tiles been downloaded.

BTW, talking about tiles. Do they get redownloaded after a while, or
do should I delete them manually? Do you know if I can share the
tiles with ? It has also
a that might be
used as an alternative for the prefetch in APRSISCE . If you don´t
know I probably will try some time soon.

PS. There is not currently any non-button/keyboard way to change the
map transparency. The rocker left/right or keyboard left/right arrows
will fade or make bold the map background, just in case you didn't know
about that feature! The small icons at extreme zoom levels are easier
to spot if you fade the maps a bit.
Thanks. Didn´t know that and was about to ask about it but forgot.
It´s ok to use the keyboard for that as it´s not changed so often.



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