Re: TNC log data I don't understand

Randy Love

Last time I checked... you don't put a KPC3+ into kiss mode by saying KISS ON... 
I believe it is INT KISS  then RESTART

The last command in that error list is KISS ON.
Also, the KPC3's don't say OK... I believe you just look for the cmd: prompt on them, which is what the program is looking for.

Maybe add a ^M after each command to send them?


On Fri, May 28, 2021 at 12:12 PM James Ewen <ve6srv@...> wrote:
The missing response error means that the program is not seeing the response it thinks it should see. 

When you send a command to the TNC, and the TNC is happy it says Ok. The program is not seeing the OK, hence the missing response. 

Check your TNC make sure it is ready to talk to the computer. 

You can also just manually put the TNC in KISS mode and tell the program your TNC is in KISS mode. 

On Fri, May 28, 2021 at 10:08 AM Christopher Rose <kb8uih88@...> wrote:
Sorry for all this but what does "Missed Expected Response" mean and what does it tell me that something isn't programmed right? KPC3+ TNC, KISS port. This is from the trace port of the KPC3.

To me it shows received information that the program isn't showing on the map as received stations. No stations are showing on the map.

Thanks in advance for anyone's help


WinMain:2021-05-28T15:51:56.372 Starting Port(KPC3+)
Port(KPC3+):2021-05-28T15:51:56.373 CpReader Running on COM4:0,N,8,1 (6 OpenCmds, 4 CloseCmds)
Port(KPC3+):2021-05-28T15:51:56.373 Opening COM4:0,N,8,1
Port(KPC3+):2021-05-28T15:51:56.373 Opening COM4 with 4 Args
Port(KPC3+):2021-05-28T15:51:56.389 CpOpen:SetCommState failed!
Port(KPC3+):2021-05-28T15:51:56.389 SetParameters(4 pieces) Failed
Port(KPC3+):2021-05-28T15:51:56.389 Opened COM4:0,N,8,1, Flushing 0 in TransmitQueue, Sending 6 OpenCmds
Port(KPC3+):2021-05-28T15:51:57.390 Missed Expected Response(cmd:) From Command(^M~)
Port(KPC3+):2021-05-28T15:51:58.398 Missed Expected Response(cmd:) From Command(^M~)
Port(KPC3+):2021-05-28T15:51:59.405 Missed Expected Response(cmd:) From Command(XFLOW OFF)
Port(KPC3+):2021-05-28T15:52:00.412 Missed Expected Response(cmd:) From Command(FULLDUP OFF)
Port(KPC3+):2021-05-28T15:52:01.419 Missed Expected Response(cmd:) From Command(KISS ON)
WinMain:2021-05-28T15:52:26.522 Logging Enabled
Port(KPC3+):2021-05-28T15:52:27.166 KISS:Missing Leading C0[106]:WA8LMF-4>APU25N,CHLSEA,JAMTWP*,WIDE3-1: <<UI>>:<0D 0A>;CHELSEA  *201647z4218.39N\08101.47WhSwap  06 June 21<0D 0A 0D 0A>
Port(KPC3+):2021-05-28T15:52:27.767 KISS:Missing Leading C0[80]:WA8LMF-4>APU25N,CHLSEA,JAMTWP*,WIDE3-1: <<UI>>:<0D 0A>;GM-SWP   *201718z4239.66N\0830
Port(KPC3+):2021-05-28T15:52:28.169 KISS:Missing Leading C0[37]:2.05WhGMARC Trunkfest  19 June 21<0D 0A 0D 0A>
Port(KPC3+):2021-05-28T15:52:29.371 KISS:Missing Leading C0[232]:HOLLY>APMI06,JAMTWP,WIDE2*: <UI>:<0D 0A>}W8FSM-9>APTRCR,TCPIP,HOLLY*:!4246.60N/08338.50Wk019/000/A=000992 3177 South Fenton Road, Michigan, US dBm:-110 sats:11 wregc:0 fred@... #BikeMS !BikeMS!<0D 0A>MTCLMN>APMI06,MAYVIL,JAMTWP,WIDE2*: <
Port(KPC3+):2021-05-28T15:52:29.721 KISS:Missing Leading C0[14]:UI>:<0D 0A>>W8FSM<0D 0A>
Port(KPC3+):2021-05-28T15:53:21.017 KISS:Missing Leading C0[195]:HOLLY>APMI06,JAMTWP,WIDE2*: <UI>:<0D 0A>}W8FSM-9>APTRCR,TCPIP,HOLLY*:!4246.60N/08338.50Wk019/000/A=000992 3177 South Fenton Road, Michigan, US dBm:-110 sats:12 wregc:1 fred@... #BikeMS !BikeMS!<0D 0A>
Port(KPC3+):2021-05-28T15:54:04.844 KISS:Missing Leading C0[117]:WA8LMF-4>APU25N,CHLSEA,HOLLY,JAMTWP,WIDE3*: <<UI>>:<0D 0A>=4244.54N/08423.82W/Special Events Map<0D 0A 0D 0A>
Port(KPC3+):2021-05-28T15:54:06.045 KISS:Missing Leading C0[103]:HOLLY>APMI06,JAMTWP,WIDE2*: <UI>:<0D 0A>}W8FSM-9>APTRCR,TCPIP,HOLLY*:!4246.60N/08338.50Wk019/000/A=000992 31
Port(KPC3+):2021-05-28T15:54:06.567 KISS:Missing Leading C0[183]:77 South Fenton Road, Michigan, US dBm:-108 sats:12 wregc:1 fred@... #BikeMS !BikeMS!<0D 0A>WA8LMF-14>APU25N,CHLSEA,JAMTWP,WIDE2*: <<UI>>:<0D 0A>=/8qo;9/pH#  BPHG3190  Haslett Igate/Digi<0D 0A>
Port(KPC3+):2021-05-28T15:54:06.903 KISS:Missing Leading C0[2]:<0D 0A>
Port(KPC3+):2021-05-28T15:54:31.782 KISS:Missing Leading C0[72]:N1SJK-9>TQ3U4T,CHLSEA,WIDE1,JAMTWP,WIDE2*: <<UI>>:<0D 0A>`p+bqhau/`"6=}_%<0D 0A 0D 0A>
Port(KPC3+):2021-05-28T15:55:09.263 KISS:Missing Leading C0[120]:N8VDS-3>APWW11,HOLLY,WIDE1,JAMTWP,WIDE2*: <<UI>>:<0D 0A>/281154z4259.09N/08341.73W_090/008g014t042r000p000P000b00000h00/fWD<0D 0A>
Port(KPC3+):2021-05-28T15:55:10.465 KISS:Missing Leading C0[101]:HOLLY>APMI06,JAMTWP,WIDE2*: <UI>:<0D 0A>}W8FSM-9>APTRCR,TCPIP,HOLLY*:!4246.60N/08338.50Wk019/000/A=000992
Port(KPC3+):2021-05-28T15:55:11.003 KISS:Missing Leading C0[94]:3177 South Fenton Road, Michigan, US dBm:-108 sats:12 wregc:1 fred@... #BikeMS !BikeMS!<0D 0A>
Port(KPC3+):2021-05-28T15:55:30.817 KISS:Missing Leading C0[126]:KE8DDT-7>APTT4,CHLSEA,WIDE1,JAMTWP,WIDE2*: <UI>:<0D 0A>@101923z4217.58N/08342.63W_135/002g009t043r012p066P066h91b10085L049.DsVP<0D 0A 0D 0A>


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