Rob Giuliano

These 2 methods of connecting of connecting a GPS to APRSIS32 are very different.

Let's start with the 'stand alone' GPS:
1. This connection is made with a NMEA port type
    Menu >Configure >Ports >NMEA
       Choose the port type and settings for the attached GPS
    Menu >Enables GPS Enabled    => the data should be from the GPS port

    I do not see an easy way to change port type or delete the NMEA settings, once entered.
    It appears you must edit the XML file to delete and reconfigure this port.

Next is the 'SHARED' GPS data on an RF port
2. This connection MOSTLY relies on the device severing the GPS data along with the TNC data
    The only configuration beyond the RF port settings can be:
       a) GPS NMEA checkbox - indicates there is GPS data available on this port
       b) <OpenCMD> commands to configure the device to send the GPS data (if needed)
    In your case, the 'device' is the D710 with its built in capability.
    You must check GPS NMEA in the RF port box for sure.
    As for the D710:
       Lynn has already posted about GPS data only being available in certain modes of the D710.
       For the settings that enable the GPS data to be passed to an attached computer, you need to look to the D710 manual.

I am pretty sure you don't want both types active at the same time.
Lynn can verify, but I believe the NMEA port type has priority, so if that is configured, it looks there first.

I am not familiar with Frequency Monitor.  Is this a function of the D710 or APRSIS32?
If it is a function of the D710, you might have better luck on a D710 group.

Robert Giuliano

On Monday, May 3, 2021, 8:35:25 AM EDT, Burt N Sammis <kango03@...> wrote:

Lets try this again.
I have everything working to my satisfaction except the Enables-GPS Enable.
When I activate Enables menu to show the info on the screen I get in the upper left corner a box with 2 large dashes and a smaller box
with 3 smaller dashes.  
In the lower right corner of the screen in a small box I get No Fix.  
Across the bottom of the screen there is no satellite info.
i am running a D710 with a GPS attached to the head.  As stated in a previous post I have attached a stand alone GPS with same results
What gives?

Another problem I have encountered I have activated Frequency Monitor.  When I deactivate it will not go away.  Raher annoying.  How do I get rid of it?

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