Re: Yaseu ft400 xdr port


Hi Guys,
IIRC, you want to put it in PACKET mode.

I have found that my FTM 400 will output EITHER stations-heard (for
plotting and scroller), OR GPS sentences, but not both. I eventually
figured out that I still need a separate GPS to feed APRSISCE/32 to plot
my own location. Also note that in the APRS menu tree, there is a setting
for APRS speed and DATA speed. It took me a while to figure out that the
APRS speed is for RF out and DATA speed is the output to the port on the
end of the radio to feed the computer. (is APRS not data? and shouldn't
the baud rate for data be in the DATA menu tree? [OK, Rant lamp now
extinguished]). Just another tid bit of hard won knowledge is that if the
FTM 400 is plugged in to the computer, at boot-up, The tablet (in my case
a Winbook 10" tablet) will NOT boot up. Thus I have to unplug the radio
adapter cord at shut down and re-plug it after tablet boot-up, for the
next road trip. I run APRSISCE/32 exclusively, and on all but a few
occasions it is mobile.

There's a pretty good vid on you-tube. Please note, he is using the GPS in
his hot spot to feed GPS sentences to the tablet.

73, KC8SFQ, Ron

PS: A few years ago, Lynn personally helped me over a rough patch, with
APRS in general, and with this program in particular. That level of
dedication does not go un-noticed. Thanks again for what you do.


You should be able to put the FT 400 into APRS (not NMEA nor waypoint)
output and set APRSIS32 to an FTM-350 port type.
Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32 On
4/28/2021 1:20 PM, medicjim1@... wrote:
Just curious what port you are using for the ft 400xdr thanks im just
getting this set up

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