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I use "Slide To Unlock 2" (S2U2) as an automatic screen locking app ....
works great and is compatible to co-exist with APRSISCE.


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Date: 02/12/2010 12:26 PM

Subject: [aprsisce] Re: HTC Touch Pro

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I too am using a Touch Pro and haven't seen that message with this
program; I have with a couple other programs.
It's probably just my legendary ability to make things go wrong then. :(

I don't run any other apps at the same time as APRSISCE (battery life is
short enough already) but with the phone in its case in my pocket (or even
just putting it into its case or into my pocket) it's too easy to activate
something by pressing on the screen. Therefore it's possible that the
errors are caused by something trying to run that was started accidentally.
I don't know how to avoid that since it's necessary to keep everything
running while the phone is in my pocket in order for the position tracking
to operate.

Julian, G4ILO
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