Telemetry EQNS oddity

Arnold Harding - KQ6DI

I think I may have done something outside the specification, or there is an error somewhere.  I changed telemetry EQNS to remove some leading zeros, and APRSISCE doesn't pick the values out.  What I am sending is:
:KQ6DI-1 :EQNS.0,-.644,150,0,-.5,-190,0,1,0,0,.625,0 picks out the values correctly ( at least as I intended ), but APRSISCE doesn't pick up part of the equation.
Channel 1 b=0 should be -.644
Channel 2 b=0 and should be -.5
It worked before when I had leading zeros in the equation like -0.644 and -0.5.
But notice that channel 4 did pick up the correct number of .625.
So my guess is that negative values less than one must have a leading zero and become -0.644 and -0.5.  Do I need those leading zeros on negative values?
That site only sends telemetry parameters once a day at 09:03, IF the RF makes it out of this RF hole.  It's also 3 hours each way for me to change parameters, so I won't make a special trip for this.
Arnold, KQ6DI

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