Re: How to Igate WX Stations to RF?

Lynn Deffenbaugh

Read those raw packets closely.  Those weather stations are not on the APRS-IS, but are getting to via CWOP.  And your node, if it is a properly functioning IGate, needs to be connected to the APRS-IS because CWOP doesn't support IGate connections.

Therefore, there is no way to gate those particular stations from CWOP to RF with APRSISCE/32.

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PS.  And further, the CWOP servers are designed for incoming packet consolidation only and don't even support filtered feeds.

On 4/5/2021 11:13 AM, Yankee Zulu Delta wrote:

HI All,


I know that this has probably been asked before and I was trying my best to search for this but I think I really did not find the answers I need.


So right now my APRSIS32 is in development mode. Built 2020/12/30


I see 2 WX stations near me in APRS.FI

FW0027 and EW0758
I know that the headers have TCPXX in them…

When I look them up in these is what’s displayed.




I am still wondering if there’s a way to parse this and send it over as a bulletin or a message announcement to a group (ANSRVR) as a proper weather report like this in

Or WX report in radios.



I did a test filter (CTRL-G) g/FW0027/EW0758 but I don’t think I’m getting it.


My goal is to be able to transmit via RF a WX Report from these two weather stations that I see in


Thanks and 73!


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