Re: ToCall(s) for SCS PTCx, Dragon etc.


Tks Lynn. I am not sure. I believe is just a case of 'classical TNC', like Kantronics for ex, where the tocall has to be entered (right now I can't remember where, in the UNPROTO field?) by the user after carefully examining Bob's tocall list. I purchased a Kantronics KAM-XL few years ago, when I first started my adventure into packet world, but could not find a tocall for  it. I remember I posted a msg on the now APRS 'sk' Yahoo group and Bob promptly determined one, APNKMX.
The developers for these pactor modems can be found here: They are probably some telecommunications super-gurus, tele-moving objects, satellites and planets like Yoda. I have to admit I haven't contacted them yet. Also, I am not a tester, only a humble user.
The tocall in this PTC case is truly entered in the path. Now, I am gonna attach a pic with an Alpha4 screenshot. It's basically its APRS window on the HF APRS QRG picking up some frames etc. I have dotted the printscreen with some settings inserts. As I mentioned already, this is some sort of host/terminal program. All you can see in the settings is/are arguments sent to the relevant commands in the PTC unit (sent, of course, along with the commands), nothing more. Some settings are left as default as they are not relevant to APRS.
These modems are used in 99.99% of the cases as Pactor modems, as their initial goal.
In the pic: APZSCS as, well..., an 'experimental' tocall.

Best regards, 73 de J, MØIPU YOЗFCA

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