Re: ToCall(s) for SCS PTCx, Dragon etc.


Hi Lynn, mni tks fer coming bk to me. That's right, I was referring to the PTCs firmware, 4.1r. The soft I am using is Alpha4, but that is just a host/terminal interface, let's say. Great software by the way.
Re Dragon, I had just mentioned it ephemerally, cause I do not own one, but I believe it suffers from the same fate, a lack of tocall. I don't know what sort of firmware it uses for the moment (in respect to PTCs)  or how APRS is implemented there.
APRS in PTC is OK, however it doesn't support messaging by the looks of it nor WIDE digi-ing, I think (some sort of WIDEx-x digi-ing could be probably done on MYAlias).
Best regards, 73 de J, MØIPU YOЗFCA

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