Re: Not being heard (was APRS new passcode please)

James Ewen

>  I assume HAMBRG is a local digi or other RF station?

From that page there's info to help us out...


Let's find out who W5GIF is that is in control of this station.




Google doesn't give any hits on billgifford608@... that might link that email address to the name found at QRZ, but Bill is a common nickname for someone named William.

Google Streetview doesn't show anything but bush at that address (correcting the road number to 495), but there's an APRS icon back in the bush behind where the satellite view shows a house and shop. The shadow cast from the shop looks like there might be a tall mast that indicates a ham radio afflicted individual might live there.

Back to the aprs page, using some assumptions that billgifford608@... is indeed William R Gifford, W5GIF.

Down at the bottom of that page we find:

Stations heard directly by HAMBRG – 2021-032021-022021-012020-122020-112020-102020-09
callsignpktsfirst heard - MDTlast heardlongest(rx => tx)longest at - MDT
W5GIF-9122021-03-09 15:35:262021-03-12 15:14:22EM43AD > EM43CF17.9 km 239°2021-03-11 15:31:47
W5GIF42021-03-16 07:39:152021-03-16 08:59:18EM43AG > EM43CF12.7 km 296°2021-03-16 08:59:18

This sure looks like W5GIF is being heard by HAMBRG.

Pulling up the raw packets for W5GIF we find these entries among the many there.

2021-03-16 07:39:15 MDT: W5GIF>S3QV0U,HAMBRG,DEGRAY,WIDE2*,qAO,W5TCB-10:`wS.l <0x1c>-/`QTH MILO AR FTM-400XDR_% [Duplicate position packet]
2021-03-16 08:19:18 MDT: W5GIF>S3QV0U,HAMBRG,DEGRAY,WIDE2*,qAO,W5TCB-10:`wS.l <0x1c>-/`QTH MILO AR FTM-400XDR_%
2021-03-16 08:39:18 MDT: W5GIF>S3QV0U,HAMBRG,DEGRAY,WIDE2*,qAO,W5TCB-10:`wS.l <0x1c>-/`QTH MILO AR FTM-400XDR_%
2021-03-16 08:59:18 MDT: W5GIF>S3QV0U,HAMBRG,DEGRAY,WIDE2*,qAO,W5TCB-10:`wS.l <0x1c>-/`QTH MILO AR FTM-400XDR_%

These 4 entries show that the HAMBRG digipeater heard W5GIF directly and digipeated the packet at these specific times.

As always, the mantra is that you CANNOT use the APRS-IS stream to be able to verify RF operation reliably.

These 4 packets above that show HAMBRG handling the packets from W5GIF were lucky to get to the W5TCB-10 i-gate and then passed to the APRS-IS stream first, and not duplicate filtered.

If you need to analyze the operation of the APRS RF system in your area, observe the packets as they are heard on RF. We just happened to get lucky and find a few packets that provide the information desired.

The fact that the packet seen above at 07:39:15 is listed as a duplicate packet lets us know that there is most likely a Kantronics KPC-3 running in the area that is delaying packets being delivered to the APRS-IS, which causes even more difficulty for accurate analysis of packet delivery to the APRS-IS. Observe packets on RF for accurate information about the RF environment.  


On Tue, Mar 16, 2021 at 9:51 AM Rob Giuliano via <> wrote:
Moved to the general list.

I asume HAMBRG is a local digi or other RF station?
If so, the passcode isn't going to help HAMBRG hearing (seeing) you. 
The passcode allows APRSIS32 to directly interface with the APRS-IS network (if the computer has an internet connection).

If you describe your setup, HAMBRG is, and what you expect between the 2 stations, we can help troubleshoot your problem.

Robert Giuliano

On Tuesday, March 16, 2021, 8:14:19 AM EDT, BILL GIFFORD <billgifford608@...> wrote:

Thank you!  It looks like it working but HAMBRG isn’t seeing me? That’s why I put it on? Any ideas 

<Passcode request removed>

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