Not being heard (was APRS new passcode please)

Rob Giuliano

Moved to the general list.

I asume HAMBRG is a local digi or other RF station?
If so, the passcode isn't going to help HAMBRG hearing (seeing) you. 
The passcode allows APRSIS32 to directly interface with the APRS-IS network (if the computer has an internet connection).

If you describe your setup, HAMBRG is, and what you expect between the 2 stations, we can help troubleshoot your problem.

Robert Giuliano

On Tuesday, March 16, 2021, 8:14:19 AM EDT, BILL GIFFORD <billgifford608@...> wrote:

Thank you!  It looks like it working but HAMBRG isn’t seeing me? That’s why I put it on? Any ideas 

<Passcode request removed>

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