Decipher please

Glenn O'Connor

WinMain:2021-03-15T19:15:44.377 New Chat(KF0ED<>KB0NWT) hwnd(000C087E) Error(0)
WinMain:2021-03-15T19:16:31.970 To(KB0NWT) Msg(If u have a chance, upon a 2m band opening, try our .225 rptr.) ACK
WinMain:2021-03-15T19:16:31.970 To(KB0NWT) HAS Messaging
WinMain:2021-03-15T19:16:31.970 Sending Message For(KB0NWT) by New
WinMain:2021-03-15T19:16:45.388 Priority 5 APRSIS-32>KF0ED:KB0NWT Rejected rejAV} For KB0NWT (AV})

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