Re: Connecting APRSIS32 to APRX or DIXPRS



I thought I had to create a port in APRX that was accessible to any Kiss client, that is why I created it with localhost, and I also tried with the IP of APRX host. Now, following your suggestion, I also tested putting the IP address of the APRSIS32 host, but the result is the same, sames errors appear.


So If I well understand, APRX is not listening on that port what APRSISCE/32 is sending to initiate two way communication.

My question to all now is:  
- Do I well understand that I cannot use APRSISCE/32 to communicate with a remote TNC running as digi and gateway (I know that I can connect it probably using SOCAT or similar, but at that point it will be a one to one connection and it will not gate directly any data)

- Do someone know how can I connect remotely from a pc running APRSISCE/32 to a TNC2 connected to a sw that run as digi/igate?

I'm pretty sure years ago I did it, unfortunately I cannot remember that I used to reach this result. I hope someone did it and may help.

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