Re: Connecting APRSIS32 to APRX or DIXPRS


Thanks Robert for reviewing my question.

I want to configure APRX using the second option. basically I would like aprx to be used like direwolf, presenting two host ports for remote connection (and yes, actually I am connected to direwolf with that method, but what I need is to connect to the TNC2 that is interconnect with aprx.)
I did some test, configuring aprx as below and creating a simplykiss port in aprsis32 (I also tested a pure kiss port but similar results) and there is no connection betweem the two ports. It seems aprx is not creating a port in host mode, and aprsis32 get no answers to it requests


# my test with aprsis32 I/O port
      tcp-device   localhost 8100    KISS
      callsign     iw2ejh-14
      tx-ok true

APRX error log

socket connect() preparing: tcp!!4100!
2021-02-19 11:08:31.531 TTY tcp!!4100! EOF - CLOSED, WAITING 30 SECS

APRSIS32 port log

Port(__aprx__kiss):2021-02-19T12:38:09.415 Restarting Reader...
Port(__aprx__kiss):2021-02-19T12:38:09.415 TcpReader Running on @ or (1 OpenCmds, 1 CloseCmds)
Port(__aprx__kiss):2021-02-19T12:38:11.420 connect errno 10061
Port(__aprx__kiss):2021-02-19T12:38:11.420 connect(@ Failed
Port(__aprx__kiss):2021-02-19T12:38:11.420 Delaying Restart for 17994/20000 msec

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