Connecting APRSIS32 to APRX or DIXPRS


Good day to all

In the past I use to run APRSIS32 24/7 on an old laptop and I interfaced it with several TNC, virtual (Direwolf) and real (TNC2) everything was configured along the years and was running fine. Several years ago, after the laptop died, I replaced everything with a couple of Raspberry pi. Actually I'm running APRX and DIXPRS on these, with actually two ports, one connected to Direwolf, and one using the TNC2 in Kiss mode.
My goal now is to use aprsis32 from my laptop in another room to connect remotely to one of these two programs in order to be able to have access to the APRS network.
I know in the past I was able to run several different computers around my house and was able di interconnect everything, sending/receiving messages from every pc, but now after several years, I do not remember if I had to configure in a particular way APRX, or DIXPRS or if I installed another software to share the TNC access between several devices around the house. (I'm getting old, and I'm loosing memory).  
I tried to search in the group, but I didn't found a clear answer how to reach the goal.
I hope someone can help me to connect aprsis32  via TCP/IP one of my TNC via some of the software I'm running.

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