Re: full screen startup

James Ewen

There’s something wonky about Windows that Lynn says doesn’t support opening in full screen mode. 

I have never figured out what it is, but APRS-IS has to be windowed to be able to save its configuration. That means when you save the config, it’s not full screen, which means when it opens again, you come up windowed. 

Every other Windows program seems to work differently, but Lynn has said over and over again it has to be in a less than full screen mode. 

Drag your window to almost full screen and you’re close. Or, click on the full screen button after a start. 


On Tue, Feb 16, 2021 at 3:19 PM Steve Black via <> wrote:
My copy of APRSIS opens with a partial screen. I would prefer it to open
in fullscreen mode if possible. I guess its in the config XML file but I
need a refresher as I can't find it. Thanks Steve kb1chu


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