Re: How to edit or delete PHG from

Komkit Listisard


Thank you for the reply.  Sorry, I forgot to indicate the SSID in question.  At any rate,  Yaesu radios I have none of the "CUSTOM 0-6" can not be edited.  I am not even sure what they were named "CUSTOM" when one can not be edited.  I post on Yaesu Facebook asking how to edit those "CUSTOM" field but my question was never approved by Yaesu admin, so it never got posted.

Yaesu MIC-E can not be edited,  I can only "select" which one of the pre-defined I wanted to use.

At the end of the day I was able to removed the PHG I did not want from the, just had to do it using your program.

73, Kit W3KIT

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