Re: APRS positions not uploading to APRS.FI


I got it. Thanks!

It's just that my nearest gateway VA6ATA-1 used to constantly update it's "last heard" from me for a few weeks now it suddenly does not.  I can see in APRSISCE that he heard me and I him, but no more reporting occurs in, and I guess for the reason  you spelled out.

  It's almost like the criteria is being applied differently now.  That's sort of the core of my observation about all of this. Why did it used to update it every so often and then suddenly on the 29th it stopped? There's nothing more to do about it at this point... except...

.. the best solution is.... I have to get my mobile tracker working to see if my gateway is picking up mobile devices.  The last guy I heard was in Calgary and he hasn't been back on for days..

It didn't work the last time I tried 10 days ago so I have to yard my radio out of my car and make sure eeeeverything is working perfectly before putting it back. It used to work, but like with most things with me, if I breathe on it wrong, it stops working. 


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