Re: APRS positions not uploading to APRS.FI

Lynn Deffenbaugh

Any time you configure an RF Port, it internally disables and re-enables the port for the new settings to get everywhere they need to go.  And that means it fires the <CloseCmd>s and <OpenCmd>s as part of that.  And that's the same thing that happens when you close and restart APRSIS32, so there's no surprise that the TNC needs to be reset in between those actions with a full close APRSIS32, power down TNC, wait, power up TNC, and start APRSIS32.

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32

On 1/31/2021 3:52 PM, macclad44@... wrote:
Thanks, but guys like VA6ATA-1 had, in the past, reported the last heard on both ends like clockwork and now not? Now, it might be HE changed his config somehow which messed things up after 4:36 pm on the 29th. And I did track the mobile guy VE6AB-15 Friday morning. And there were many others that just suddently stopped on the 29th. You can see it in .  
Also, oddly, VA6ATA-1 reported seeing me at 0 lat 0 long yesterday,  but I see my N7TTQ-9 right at my QTH. so that was a confusing or surprising statement.. like somehow HE is not recognizing the position data that I have never changed and continue to report.  Hmmmmmm. OK I'll just let it cook for awhile I guess.  Everything else seems to work

Oh, one "bug".. when I "configure Ports" on the RF port and merely hit "accept" it shuts off kiss mode and I have ot shut the program down and unplug the SCS tracker and wait 5 seconds and... you know the drill..

Thanks. Jeff

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