Re: APRS positions not uploading to APRS.FI


Thanks, but guys like VA6ATA-1 had, in the past, reported the last heard on both ends like clockwork and now not? Now, it might be HE changed his config somehow which messed things up after 4:36 pm on the 29th. And I did track the mobile guy VE6AB-15 Friday morning. And there were many others that just suddently stopped on the 29th. You can see it in .  
Also, oddly, VA6ATA-1 reported seeing me at 0 lat 0 long yesterday,  but I see my N7TTQ-9 right at my QTH. so that was a confusing or surprising statement.. like somehow HE is not recognizing the position data that I have never changed and continue to report.  Hmmmmmm. OK I'll just let it cook for awhile I guess.  Everything else seems to work

Oh, one "bug".. when I "configure Ports" on the RF port and merely hit "accept" it shuts off kiss mode and I have ot shut the program down and unplug the SCS tracker and wait 5 seconds and... you know the drill..

Thanks. Jeff

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