Important Info regarding the SCS tracker I learned from Lynn!


Well we'll see when the propagation improves tomorrow but I think we have this solved.
(Mostly me being sillly but Lynn was able to sleuth).
In the config description in, it says that you should power down the SCS tracker when getting out of KISS mode or it won't re-enter KISS mode properly.."This is being investigated" it says.. I REMEMBER reading that and ignoring it!  I did so at my own peril.  Then when I captured the logging info Lynn noticed that it was complaining that I wasn't in KISS mode.  And, I NEVER noticed that there's an LED that SHOULD light up when you're in KISS mode. I HAVE NEVER HAD THAT LIGHT ON BEFORE! 

So I exited APRSISCE, unpowered the SCS tracker, powered it back up, then re-started APRSISCE (and we fixed some other stuff) and POOF!  There's an LED that I had never seen before!  On the bottom of the LED it says, "KISS mode" OOOOOOOOHHHH! THAT's why I've heard stations, I've had the decode light go on, and I've transmitted, but since I wasn't in KISS mode (because of the power-on issue mentioned in the "manual", and I transmitted, but it transmitted some kinda gibberish, so nobody could see me, then when I received stuff (and the SCS tracker COULD internally decode that, the data was not sent out the USB port correctly) I didn't see anything. 

My bets are on this will be fine. I'm in receive mode only right now and will see if anything is being received by morning or at least by noon.
Then I'll take it off of receive only and send out a beacon or four, and see if they're heard by anybody.

Thanks again Lynn!  Film at eleven.

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