Re: OK I think I have everything running, now I'd like to find out who can hear me on 10.147.3


I did watch the 10.1473 port (as was suggested to name it) and I can see that when I transmit it is sending the data out the SCS tracker and in fact radio (I can hear the radio transmit with another receiver). I DO see the location packet as being sent as a beacon so I think I'm good here.   What I think I need to test is received packets.  I have several SCS trackers and I will set up my mobile setup to broadcast a mobile beacon (which I've done in the past - it's been quite a few years) and drive around. I'll see if that works and if it does and my mobile setup shows up on then I think I'm good to go. I'm not sure if I was watching received packets when they were active in the day (they died off at night).  Since Robust Packet is so threadbare I'll have to have both the gateway and the mobile setup myself . I have seen my own Robust Packet location in my vehicle in years past but there is apparently NO WAY to see robust packet gateways in N. America - there's no way to filter the gateway stations or the mobile stations in any database to verify ROBUST packet - or VHF packet for that matter - that I know of.

ANyhow thanks for your continued help. 

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