Re: 3rd line in init code for SCS-tracker


Thanks Randy. All good.  But now.. I look at this code, and I'm missing something:
What Julian says:
While you're collecting commands for TNCs, here's what I use with the SCS Tracker/DSP TNC to get into KISS mods on start-up and out of it at shutdown:

<CloseCmd>^027~!!1</CloseCmd> "

OK wait, what?? He's entering kiss mode, then exiting it. Does this all happen at once?  Or does the OpenCmd say what it's going to send to the SCS on opening the port, and the CloseCmd is what it's going to send the SCS-tracker when closing the port? I presume this doesn't all happen in sequence at once because what would that accomplish?  It shows my unfamiliarity with the low level code here, but I presume OpenCmd makes Kiss turn on, a BUNCH of things happen that arent' shown here, and when that's ALLLLL done then you get out of Kiss mode with the commands issues for CloseCmd.  Is that right? I'm only demonstrating my noob-ness here.


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