Re: I need some help configuring APRSISCE for Robust packet gateway...


Thank Lynn.  There's something a bit fuzzy about what command enables RPR mode in the SCS-Tracker (presumably done using something between the "cmd_open" and "cmd_closed brackets 'cauise there's nothing I can find in their remote commands that calls it out). I'm trying to determine  how to force RP300 vs. AFSK 300 ..  I'll just try it as is when I get home and listen for the beacon.  They're pretty easy to recognize over anything else out there.

I have another SCS-Tracker in my car that I've wired to my ICOM 7000 and one of those magmount GPS NMEA devices and used it successfully before when there were more abundant
Robust Packet gateways.  Hint:  Robust Packet was MUCH better at tracking when I drove into the boonies than VHF APRS could ever hope to be.

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