Re: I need some help configuring APRSISCE for Robust packet gateway...


I have sent a passcode off list

Steve, KF6WAX

On Mon, Jan 4, 2021 at 6:57 AM <macclad44@...> wrote:
HI I believe I have the baud rate set correctly in the xml file,

but I need some kind of passcode?

And how to I set my fixed location on the map?

I already have a TR cable for the radio from the SCS. I won't need NMEA as I'm not moving.

And I want to be in I-gate.

I've Selected RF-IS and IS-RF.

Anything else?
Yes I cut and pasted the stuff needed between (opencmd) and (closed CMD) but so far it doesn't seem to update my baud rate (should be 300 for RP)..but it keeps displaying 1200 baud and I can't edit it. 

Do I need any more to specify Robust packet? and exclude normal 300 baud?  That confuses me.




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