Newbie question...



I am new to APRSISCE/32.  I have followed the setup instructions and all works well on the Internet connections, but the radio port does not want to transmit, and I do not see from the logs that it is receiving either.  I have checked all the steps in the article  "Why won't APRSISCE/32 Transmit?"  and they are all correct.  The TNC and the radio all work fine using a terminal program.  [And worked with a previous APRS program...]  Message at top of screen indicates  "APRS-IS OK"  and  "COM4 OK".  The OS on the computer is Vista, and the TNC is a KPC2 connected via a hardware COM port.

When the program starts and is putting the TNC into KISS mode, what flow control type does APRSISCE/32 expect to see?

Any other suggestions?

TNX + 73,

Dave, W9PFD


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