Mike Cooper

There is an N7TBR that is on APRSIS32 and AGWtracer but not on APRS.FI
There is an NF7T-N and NF7T mobile on APRS.FI but not on either AGWTracker or APRSIS32
There is an N5EIL-1 that is on APRS.FI and AGWtracker but not on APRSIS32

The Biggest Discrepancy appears to be what I have found out to be Dstar spots, Black Diamond with a "D" in the middle on APRS.FI and a B" n AGWTracker
i.e. W7MTC-B and KG6JE-B their details list them as having a 440 voice component

I have three ports running:
APRS-IS the default hat comes with the system
APRIS-NA that is set up to go to
APRIS-RF that is my F port running through Packet engine pro to a KAM and Yaesu FT2900

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